Technical Center

Technical Center

     The company's technical center has a number of biochemical engineering experts and nutritionists. We have established close contact with many foreign research institutes. Since the nineties of last century, we began to focus on the development and application of amino acid chelates. On the basis of learning foreign advanced chelating technology, we established our own key technology, such as amino acid grading purification technology, bioeffective chelates screening technology and chelates stabilizing technology.
       Technical Center consists of research and development center (R & D center), testing center and department of technical service. R & D center now has a mature team, the research areas of which mainly includes the improvement of amino acid chelates and development of new functional feed additives and nutritional food supplements.
      The testing center has field quality control staffs and a number of chemical laboratories, which can carry out chromatography analysis, physical and chemical analysis, and microbiology analysis etc. Product quality was ensured by monitoring materials, semi-finished products and final products strictly during and after the products are produced.
Technical service team consist of a number of Bachelors and Doctors graduated from well-known universities or institutions. They can provide specialized technical services for you at anytime and anywhere if you need.


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