In 2016 the fourth piglet session (the first day of Beijing temperature shuicheng) guests: Wu De, Yang bin, Zhao Xin red, HongYi tsou, Dr

Professor Wu De: offer the sow the youth of moss variable white hair! The sow nutrition needs special and different feeding mode. Pregnancy is the key, 1.2 times maintain need to embryo survival. The middle of a pregnancy is mainly the development of muscle fibers, improve the nutrition and promote its long favorable to increase lean meat. Pregnancy nutrition led the world needs China, varieties of environmental temperature and the area such as dynamic change! Meishan pigs is not sensitive to energy piglets are uniform, but high energy is good for Yorkshire sows fetal weight and uniformity. High energy to promote the sow intestinal development. Mother good offspring to be strong! Amino acids need to be more complex than the energy, the latest six protein library model.

High fiber 30% higher than in North America, Europe litter, sow welfare all right! Different sows the intestinal condition difference is big, there are differences between the fiber need. Sow fiber is important! Fiber with high serotonin in a good mood breed (ms pig high serotonin)! Nutrition combined with management to improve business efficiency. The effect of methyl donor cannot ignore! Feeding mode backgammon high or high school according to the body condition, it is very important to the breeder. Thank you Mr Wu for China sows youth green hair contribution!

Professor Yang in bing: fiber fat nutrition new understanding! Pigs have more a pig is not easy, but the productive one kilogram of milk is not difficult to drop! High fibre diet will not affect the growth, but high lean more healthy digestive tract. Piglets bowel and development is more important than weight. CF high intestinal longer! Functional fat sow and growth pig table!

Dr Zhao Xin red: maximize returns nutrition solution! Nutrition is not exist in isolation, and varieties of environment and so on! Not for the purpose of market and competitors. Customized nutrition! Different nations have different patterns. Pregnancy CF4.5-5.5, has a tendency to improve. High level (give birth is much, sow weaning DiaoBiao) or (less DiaoBiao scarce) model, the associated with litter size target, want to have a matching nutrition plan. Custom purpose: nutrient inputs to get the maximum return. Management is bad, need better nutrition. Weaning diarrhea with nutrition, 25 to 50 kg diarrhea has nothing to do with the feed. 25 kg after intestinal has sound, diarrhea was about 10%, may be ileitis, etc. Drinking water to add, can GO to solve. Feed intake is the key to a goal. Don't see color, feed production performance and cost is the key! Any can do feed raw materials, color materials stress a two days there will be a short-term impact, adhere to the good! 4% premix recommend big formula soybean meal 26% in fact is a waste! By-products must measure the CF (value is)! Simple and efficient raw material evalsuation methods, such as Brazil beans, boiling, have mildew? The sow health decision offspring!

Dr HongYi tsou: the strategy to solve the problem of second child! Dedicated the gilt materials, materials can't use pigs. To gather the food shortage affecting insulin, LH secretion lead to series of problems. Mycotoxin, constipation of drinking water, temperature and stress will affect the feeding and breeding.