The ministry of agriculture feed quality and safety management standard demonstration enterprise list: DBN's undertaking, worth to lead again

(from feed industry information network)
The department of agriculture announced in July in the first half of this year of feed quality and safety monitoring unqualified list of companies, including some companies list, make the breeding, and announced the list of model enterprise is managed to give you comfort.
To implement the "regulations on the administration of feed and feed additives, comprehensively promote the feed quality and safety management regulations, the ministry of agriculture organization to carry out the specification of feed quality and safety management model enterprise (hereinafter referred to as the" demonstration enterprise ") to create activities.
In the first half of 2016, the expert group on-site audit and review, Beijing and other 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of 40 feed production enterprises through the acceptance, the ministry is now promulgated, valid for 3 years (between September 2016 and September 2019).
Announced inventory! List of feed quality and safety management standard model enterprise (group) 4



Demonstration enterprises should cherish the honor, give full play to the leading role, to promote the industry to make new contributions to the progress. Feed management departments at all levels to strengthen the supervision of demonstration enterprises, ensure enterprise specifications in strict accordance with the requirements of operation.
On demonstration enterprise of agriculture ministry selectives examination, found violation behavior, or no longer have the exemplary role, will revoke the title of model enterprise.
Attachment: feed quality and safety management standard demonstration enterprise list (1, 2, 3)