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thinking about animal intestinal health

According to the American association of swine veterinarians, with 310 new cases of NAHLN report this week, the United States pig epidemic diarrhea cases, so far the total number of...

Department of agriculture announced feed quality and safety management practices

The department of agriculture announced in July in the first half of this year of feed quality and safety monitoring unqualified list of companies, including some companies list, make the breeding...

Feed raw materials exporter, Brazil could need to import corn, soybeans, soybean meal and cotton?

In 2016, according to announced on August 31, Brazil's agricultural market very unusual. Brazil is the world's important commodity exporters, of course, is also the main competitors...

In 2016 the fourth piglet session (Beijing temperature shuicheng)

Professor Wu De: offer the sow the youth of moss variable white hair! The sow nutrition needs special and different feeding mode. Pregnancy is the key, 1.2 times maintain need to embryo survival...

CFT is pig review: lower prices slashed its possibility Farmers do not panic selling

According to the feed industry information network and hui tong data research, data statistics, September 7, 2016, the province outside the ternary pig average price of 18.64 yuan/kg, is yesterday, down 0.03 yuan/kg, was prices over the same period last week (August 31) rose 0.02 yuan/kg...

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