Enterprise group facing the status of the five common and dangerous concentration, from theory to fully understand the key step in the team building and trap, and help leaders to draw according to actual circumstances, apply these principles, through the training plan, help enterprise team found the problem, improve the question, set up the team post! Create efficient excellent elite team!

Unity is strength, there is no perfect individual, only perfect team.
Can't output operations team, the individual operations, there is no ability;
A team practice strict theory, between members must unite;
You heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place,

team building, thear: captain, design badge and slogan

Project description: the puno personnel is captain of the team under the leadership of Mr Cultural construction, design flag and circulate.
Our flag symbol is: the eagle;
Our slogan: it's a helicopter strike force Flying high
Our team song: "I want to fly higher"

Training purpose: to understand the investment and proactive
Take responsibility, to establish preliminary team culture
By voting team captain and secret, to break barriers between people, to establish partnership
Lays the foundation for establishing trust,

Also demonstrated the style of our team, embodies a capable team!

stirring: constant training and running-in is the basic guarantee of completing the task, team communication is the benchmark, team into each other, everyone's morale.

Training purpose: 1, it allows individuals and organizations to understand what is the equilibrium and control;

2, it will not be able to become omnipotent, be repeated inefficient become perfect effect;

3, it will melting for the team, will be promoted to a team of excellence team, team into, morale, and enhancing the role of communication, and empathy

4, it can be free indifferent focus to focus on professional, will be impatient complain into a peaceful and tolerant.

All staff for the upcoming drums come on! Come on!

Everyone in the focus, a concerted effort to throw the ball up, the mood also happy with the bouncing ball!

Yong across a broken bridge: across a broken bridge: one small step for a broken bridge, life is a big step

Project description: 9 meters high, stand on the pedal of 30 cm, in the face of in front of goal, opposite the courageous leap to success.

Training purpose:

1, self-understanding, challenge themselves, and constantly enterprising

2, cultivate team consciousness, pay attention to each other, not yourself

3, understand more difficult to to our state of mind

One small step for a 4, middle-east, life is a big step forward
5, is to look at the front of the goal, or look at the foot of the difficulties, different results

Fifth, share feeling, share growth: 

1, through the way of experiential learning, practice make students deeply understand what is team, set up team spirit, cultivate team concept and consciousness, the concept of team spirit is not only a slogan and text;
2, through the combination of easy projects, melting the whole team coordinated ability, and stimulate individual potential, enhancing team effectiveness;
3, through the project step by step, let students experience what is executive force, why have execution, and execution of elements;
4, through training, improve team cohesion and centripetal force, we deeply feel the team strength shock and specific team of love;
5, through the careful arrangement, outdoors, in an atmosphere of happiness, let you relax, like a child to participate in, think like a adult, like the old man to share, make the mind and body get double harvest!

Feeling: the outward bound training, let everyone feel the same, all hope in the later work no matter what problems, people have to solve together, all to do communicate with each other, trust each other, understand each other; To understand the company and understand the personal. Thanksgiving team trust and collaboration with each other, we must go all out, have the courage to bear!

 In puno this platform, we must, in accordance with the company's rules and regulations, do their job well, improve their business skills. For their own lives for the company to create better value!

At the same time we want to thanks boss can give us such a good platform, just like our flag and the team song, "the eagle wings Helicopter strike force ", "I want to fly higher! Company to have a better development, we can fly higher! Let's cheer for your dreams! Cheer for puno shi!!!!!