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Amino Acid Chelate Additive Solutions Provider.

      SCIPRO, a high-tech biotechnology company dedicated to the development and promotion of efficient and sustainable eco additives - amino acid chelate microelement.
     SCIPRO, a team of biochemical engineering and nutrition specialists, With the Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity, China Agricultural University, the University of tours, France, the United States has a close technical cooperation ,has been focusing on the development, production and application of amino acid chelate microelement since the early 1990s. We have developed core technologies–testing method and process control program of purification of amino acid, ligand complex, the application of stabilizer and chelating agenton the basis of advanced technologies from abroad.
       We have successfully developed the fourth generation of multiple chelate monomers, multicomponent chelate complexes, functional additives, functional chelate products, and provided many solutions to meet the special needs of poultry, pigs, ruminants, aquatic and other animals. With the expertise in the field of biochemical technology and mature technology, our firm has grown rapidly the in the field of animal nutrition.
      "Product first" is our mission. It guides our ongoing pursuit of better products and more advanced technology to help premix factory, feed manufacturers, feed operators and farms become more competitive.

Corporate Culture

Our Slogan: product first
corporate philosophy: pursuit of excellence, To Be Number One
Business philosophy: Put People First, create a win-win situation
Mission: Contribute to human health by using biotechnology.
Core values : Dare to Dream, innovation, collaboration, sharing, appreciation

Corporate Vision:to become number 1 in Amino Acid Chelate field and build a global additive enterprise.

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  • 打造一流的響應式網站

  • 打造一流的響應式網站

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