Feed raw materials exporter, Brazil could need to import corn, soybeans, soybean meal and cotton?

In 2016, according to announced on August 31, Brazil's agricultural market very unusual. Brazil is the world's important commodity exporters, of course, is also the main competitor, but this year the abnormal situations, Brazil or will need to import corn, may also need to import soybean, soybean meal and cotton.

Imported goods can be summed up in the cause of exchange rate, as well as the bad weather in 2015/16.

In August 2015, a weaker Brazilian currency against the dollar to $4.2, but so far has rebounded to about $3.2.

The real value of the Brazilian products competitive in the international market, even before the 2015/16 annual crop planting, exporters have received a large number of sales orders.

But, unfortunately, the 2015/16 annual crop growing season, many parts of Brazil experienced dry hot weather, the results of production is very disappointed.

Affected by the bad weather the biggest Brazilian second crop of corn, it can be used to describe a disaster. Due to excessive signed corn export orders, and the current environment worse, Brazil had to import corn in early 2016.

Market expectations Brazilian second crop maize yield will continue to decline, Brazil imports of corn will need to begin immediately.

In fact, the first batch of corn imports from Argentina cargo has arrived in Brazil last week. Corn will come from Argentina, Paraguay, and the United States.

Brazil has not yet decided to import amount of corn, but the Brazilian ministry of agriculture has start the emergency plan, 1.5 million tons of genetically modified (gm) U.S. corn before rejected are allowed to enter the Brazil.

Brazilian soybean crop 2015/16 equally disappointing, prophase work of loading Brazilian soybean exports also caused the domestic soybean supply tight.

The Brazilian government has said it may need to import soybeans, to maintain the domestic press industry operation, until the beginning of 2017 new soybean market.

Espirito Santo state (Espirto Santo) of poultry and pig breeding business also import corn, they also suggested that may also be imported soybean meal.

The weather has also affected the Brazilian 2015/16 cotton crops, especially in two major cotton production areas - mato grosso and bahia state.

Too much cotton is also facing a problem of export orders, domestic textile mills has inquired the import of cotton from the United States.

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