Sulfur source: the concentration of sulfur in various tissues and organs in the order of descending arrangement: hair → cartilage → liver → bone → muscle → skin → lungs → brain and blood. Preventing feather pecking and vent picking.

Calcium source: a more efficient calcium source than limestone.
Promoting the growth performance, alleviating stress, improving egg mass and hatchability of breeder hens, improving milk yield and FCR.Background 


Application status and problems of sulfur supplements
Sulfur amino acids (methionine and cysteine) are a good source of sulfur but expensive.
Sodium sulfate: sodium sulfate is also called mirabilite. Although the availability of sulfur in sodium sulfate is up to 23%, it has a strong purgative effect, so the amount, duration and purpose in feed are limited.
Sulfate of mineral additives: the availability of sulfur in sulfate used as mineral additives is only 9-11%. It is difficult to absorb.
Gypsum: gypsum, also called phosphogypsum, is a by-product of chemical industry and mainly used in construction. Although this ingredient is cheap, the content of sulfur and calcium varied largely and it also contains a lot of impurities, heavy metals and fluorine. These defects may bring unexpectable safety risk to the feed and administrative punishment to the feed plant. Feather meal: animal ingredient is more prone to contaminated by pathogens and the protein digestibility is relatively low. 


Calcium sulfate, ≥ 90%
Guaranteed analysis

Composition and content

The ion exchange technology and high-temperature flash evaporation technology was used to remove the fluoride, lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic or hazardous substances in the mine, and thus to achieve the purpose of purification of the calcium sulfate in the products.

Production technology

Application status and problems of calcium supplements

1) limestone: a cheap calcium source, but not the best source, especially for weaning piglets. The acid-binding capacity of limestone is very high, so it will neutralize a large amount of gastric acid and resulted in a low digestibility of feed. The main principles are as follows:

The palatability of feed will be adversely affected by limestone due to the impurities and varied fineness of the products. So, many enterprises do not add limestone to the feed for piglets.

2) Organic calcium: the source organic calcium presently used in feed including calcium formate, calcium propionate, calcium citrate, calcium lactate, and organic calcium in other form. The acid-binding capacity of organic calcium is not very high, and the availability is also good. The palatability of some organic calcium is not very good and some will irritate the eyes, so the feed quality will be adversely affected. The organic calcium with good palatability is expensive to use in feed, so many feed plants will encounter the problem of high cost. 

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