The best nutritional program for optimal eggshell quality,
Application——used to improve eggshell quality, such as brightness, surface finish


 Reducing the negative effect of stress on eggshell quality by improving the innate immune function of laying hens.
* Improve eggshell quality to reduce economic losses and cost of production.
* Improve eggshell quality and appearance to enhance the added value of production.
* Optimize the nutritional value of feed and offer extra functionality for feed products.

liangdanbao positioning

high performance amino acids chelated trace minerals, activity synergist

I.Main component

Increasing the eggshell thickness, surface finish and egg uniformity; reducing the soft-shell eggs, sandpaper eggs, thin-shell eggs and misshaped eggs.
l This product can prevent the reduction of egg production due to oviduct injury of inflammation and improve the pigmentation of eggshell surface.
l This product can quickly add the key nutrients which lose much during the egg production of laying hens to prevent deficiencies.


1) The highly active complex amino acids chelated zinc and chelated manganese in Liangdanbao can enter the blood through the gut by amino acids transporters and then transfer amino acids chelates to the laying hen's reproductive system to improve the quality of eggshell and timely replenish the loss of essential trace elements.
2) The bioeffective synergist in Liangdianbao have many functions such as protecting ovarian from degeneration, activating ovarian cells and antioxidation etc., so this product can improve the egg production performance by reducing the injury of ovarian and culling rate especially after the peak or under the state of stress.

III. Mode of action

Ⅳ.Field Trial

Ⅴ.Feeding directions

Dosage: pre-laying – 40wk, 120-150 mg/kg; after 40wk, 150-200 mg/kg