employee career management training

           In order to promote the comprehensive quality of employees, improve employee's work skills, can meet the needs of the rapid development of the company, to build high performance teams, further development of relevant talent reserve for the company, the company in the fierce market competition, to achieve sustainable development. In view of the company's operating, is now developing company internal employee training programs are as follows:
(a), to participate in training personnel: the company all staff. Training will be arranged according to different levels of the external, internal training for the staff.
(2), training of heavy industry
1, improve the staff's professional consciousness and professional quality, enhance their active positive work attitude and team cooperation and communication ability, strengthen professional dedication and service concept, strengthening the professional level.
2, in view of the company staff professional quality level and ability, executive force to carry out the training.
(3), the principle of training
1, to company strategy and employee demand as the main line.
2, pertinence, practicability and value oriented industry.


(4),and training methods
1, plan to participate in external training to drive the company internal training on their own, mutual penetration to project training and on-going training.
2, external training mainly include according to the actual problems of the personnel, targeted groups to outside to attend specialized training organizations. Or to the resort of targeted training. External training courses mainly for staff members and more than mid-level management personnel department.
3, internal training, including collective training, departments organize employees in the company internal organization staff training. Instructors can arrange company leadership, the department manager or participated in the training of personnel. Make your own arrangements for training within the department by each department. Collective organization employees in the company training video can be put in the monthly staff meeting by way of conducting training.
Second, the staff performance management
1, employee performance management concept
2, performance management systems and procedures
3, how to do performance management